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Meet Candace!

Meet Candace, the creative force behind Candace’s Cake Balls, a delightful cake ball business that’s been spreading happiness one bite at a time.

Candace, who was raised with an insatiable taste for sweets and a creative flair for transforming ordinary ingredients into delectable masterpieces, entered the world of cake balls in 2010 following her graduation from college. Her mother's kitchen and her tiny downtown apartment were the places she would bake as a hobby. After receiving some Red Velvet Cake Balls from a friend, she was compelled to begin producing them in every flavor and shape! At that time, she worked for North Oaks Medical Center in the marketing department. Word got out and her friends and coworkers were ordering cake balls every weekend. She soon started baking at home every day after work. Before long, she was returning home each day after work to bake. She became so busy that she made the decision to give up her full-time job and take a part-time one to focus on making cake balls. Her career in wholesale began when she made a connection with the neighborhood PJ's Coffee shops in Hammond, LA. It didn't take her long to begin selling to every PJ's Coffee location after she began doing business with those on the Northshore and Southshore. Her unique product was soon carried by another chain of coffee shops and later by a well-known local grocery store! She went from being a self-delivery driver by car to being a forklift driver who loaded trucks. Now, Candace's Cake Balls is sold and shipped to 150 locations across the country.

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